Holiday Decorating Quick Tips

I absolutely love decorating my house for holidays, don’t you? But it’s so easy to fall (see what I did there?) into a decorating rut! Here are four quick tips to have your house looking fresh for the holidays!

Use items you already have

This may seem like a no brainer but so many people overthink decorating and don’t utilize things they already own. Have a beautiful candle stick you use year round? Replace the candle with a pumpkin. Switch out fake flowers in that vase on your shelf with some fresh fall colors to make a space pop. Replace a photo in a frame with a cute holiday printable or fill up a pretty bowl with mini pumpkins.

Mix styles

I am a huge fan of this. My style is stuck somewhere between coastal, modern, and rustic country. Basically, I am a Pinterest board with A.D.D. Don’t be afraid to add a spunky pillow to a simple classic or mix spooky with cute. Use traditional fall decorations with pops of halloween glitter or colors.


Turn cheap to into chic

Like most, the Target Dollar spot is my weakness. This also happens to be one of my favorite places for holiday decorations. Yes, sometimes these items have a tendency to actually look like you paid $3 but that is an easy fix! See a banner that would look great on your mantel except for the hideous string it’s attached to? Grab some twine and switch out the string. Found a cute, pumpkin shaped platter but the color scheme won’t work with your kitchen? Buy some chalkboard paint and cover it up. Don’t let a simple upgrade deter you from purchasing.

Don’t be afraid to buy seasonal items too early (or too late)

So many times I have fallen victim to the, “it’s too early to buy this, I’ll just wait” and then it’s gone when I go back. Well, I have learned my lesson after missing out on some serious adorableness and now purchase seasonal decor that I love as soon as I see it (yes, even Christmas stuff in August - don’t judge me!). Most stores put seasonal items on sale as soon as they put them on the floor so it isn’t a bad thing for your wallet to snatch them up and store in a spare closet. I also purchase holiday decor super close to or after the holiday. You know, when it is on super duper clearance! This not only saves money but also helps build your seasonal decor stash.

Now that I’ve shared mine, what are some of your favorite holiday decorating tips?

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