Scout & Cellar Wine Tasting Party

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Happy Wine Down Wednesday everybody! I am super excited to tell y’all about the wine tasting party I hosted at my home Monday night with Scout & Cellar.

Network marketing has become so big it seems like almost everyone is selling something. And lets be honest, it’s even worse when that someone is one of your friends. When my sweet friend, Corrine, told me all about her new venture as a sales consultant for Scout & Cellar, I was hesitant. Don’t get me wrong, I love wine. Like a lot. But there was no chance healthy wine was going to appease my tastebuds and wallet. Y’all, I was wrong. So wrong.

This wine was delicious! Corrine brought over six types of wine for our group of ten to taste. We enjoyed the Primeros Pasos while everyone arrived (yum!). Next, we moved into the dining room for snacks and our tasting.

I covered the tables with craft paper and used fresh greenery, mini white pumpkins, and yummy snacks to assemble table runners. I grabbed cheeses, olives, meats, pita chips, apple chutney, paper jelly, and some sweets from Whole Foods. I like to have food easily accessible to my guests (and myself) and I felt as if it enabled us to actually sit and listen to Corrine.

Back to the important stuff, the wine. We tasted the Primeros Pasos, Che Fico Pinot Grigio, Vinas Olivodadas Sauvignon Blanc, Tinto Nitanto, and the Middle Jane Red Zin. I don’t typically like white wines but the ones we tried were light and not overly sweet. I rarely meet a red wine I don’t like so it’s no surprise I enjoyed all of them. My favorite was the Tinto Nitanto!

I chatted with Corinne a bit more about Scout & Cellar.



The tasting was a hit, and everyone ended up ordering something. Not because they had to, but because they wanted to! Corrine does a great job of not pressuring, but then again its pretty easy to do when you are selling liquid gold. I mean it tastes great, is budget friendly, and doesn’t cause a hangover! I know this because the night may or may not have ended with a late night dance party, glow sticks included!

Interested in learning more, hosting a party, or ordering some wine? Contact Corinne Reese at

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What is Scout & Cellar and what do they offer?

Corinne: They offer clean crafted wines. What is that? Organic, bio-dynamically farmed wine from small, family owned wineries. There are no preservatives added, no SUGAR, no NITRITES, and therefore, no headaches, or terrible next day feelings!

What are you favorite wines?

C: OK, hard to choose. I’ll go with the Vinas Olividadas Sauvignon Blanc, and the Middle Jane Cabernet.

How are the wines priced?

C: Between $19-$35 typically. There are some higher end holiday wines being introduced right now. I ordered a new Cab that was $57, but that is a social occasion wine for sure. I mean special occasion, like a Thursday night. You know, special. I don’t discriminate on my wines!

Tell me about the wine club

C: Wine club is an amazing way to get some exclusive wines at a lower price. You can choose 6 or 12 bottles, and choose monthly or bi-monthly. I promise, once you start drinking this wine, you will always want to have it in your cellar. The wine clubs make that possible!

How can you host and what do you receive when you do?

C: Hosting is so easy! Get on my calendar about 3-4 weeks out, and we will choose some wines together that you and your friends will love to try. I will take care of making all invites, unless you just want to do it yourself. Set out some cheese and crackers, or whatever munchies you love. You will definitely receive free wine for hosting! Yahoo!